Evan Martin (evan) wrote in fotobilder,
Evan Martin

more win98 testing

- Don't murder system icons. (*grumbles something about how the OS should protect itself from misbehaving programs*) [link]
- Support commandline-based list of files to enqueue. (*grumbes something about how the OS should parse command-line arguments instead of just giving you the entire string*)
- More information on error message when sending files.

This latter change means you can enqueue files via the "Send To" menu. Make a shortcut to the executable in your SendTo directory ("C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\SendTo" on NT, "C:\WINDOWS\SendTo" on 9x (I think?)). It doesn't enqueue into an already-running process (that may be v. hard to implement), nor does it recurse directories, but it works in a hacky sort of way now.

A / B. (Only get B if A crashes; more Win9x compat testing. Please report problems, successes, etc.)

Sorry, that's not much. I'm taking a break today... my wrists hurt.

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