Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote in fotobilder,
Brad Fitzpatrick

S2 in. The home stretch?

S2 is now cleaned up for use outside LJ and it's in CVS.

And I tied it into the user page/gallery display system for a demo (mainly for Mart):

That's S2 code running that.

Take note: when upgrading (with -u -c -s), you'll have to do it twice... the first one will update your cvs/multicvs.conf file, and then the second time (the -u wouldn't be necessary) all the S2 stuff will copy over.

Mart, look at bin/upgrading/ for the tables and such, if you're curious.

Basically, we have a concept of a style (with a styleid) that's a collection of layers.

An account has a default style that applies everywhere, unless it's overridden by a gallery... a gallery can either have styleid of 0 (meaning: default style), or its own, including all layers... core to user.

Yes, Mart, including i18n[c] ... so you can have specific galleries in languages different than your primary one. Wish I think would actually be cool: I could have my Deutschland Bilder auf Deutsch. :)

At this point:

bradfitz: finish S2 integration ... UI to edit/pick layers/styles... populating database (system account) from files in bin/upgrading/s2* ..

mart: work on core.s2 and a layout or so.

whitaker: groups UI ("friend" groups, but we won't be using the word friend as often as LJ...)

niko: BML template

evan: Windows client enhancements? It's functional now as is, but minimal gallery support would be nice.

Given those 5 things, we're basically ready for some public beta testing.

After that, it's just polish and extra features.

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