Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote in fotobilder,
Brad Fitzpatrick

S2 status update

Look at bin/upgrading/s2* ... s2layers.dat contains the S2 layers we're redistributing, and the s2layers directory contains the actual source.

bin/upgrading/s2layers/ builds all the compiled perl versions of the S2 ... not everybody will need that. If you don't have the java compiler available on your system, you just won't be able to make new layouts/etc... only user-layer ones. (customizing exciting layers, essentially)

bin/upgrading/ -r -p will populate your database with the compiled S2 data. now has a function to load S2 into memory from a db handle.

And here's my index page again, this time getting the S2 from the database, without a hard-coded s2lid, and using two layers... core & layout:

Nice colors, eh? The layout defines those as default. (really it'll be black & white later for "supersimple" layout...) Next I'll be making some theme layers for supersimple and making the web UI to let people create styles (a set of layers) including making a user layer, using a wizard that gives people HTML controls for the properties the upper layers reflect.

Man, where is mart when ya need him?

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