Evan Martin (evan) wrote in fotobilder,
Evan Martin

status report

Tonight I modified NSIS to:
  • Use the Win2k+ font, if available, in its dialogs (the same way FotoBilder does). [trivial]
  • Add a $SENDTO variable to the installation language so I can add FotoBilder to the user's SendTo menu. [near-trivial]
God, I love open source. I would've been screwed if it hadn't come with source.

FotoBilder changes since last release:
  • minor
    • Show "initializing" when starting up transfer. [link]
    • Obey the "Remember Password" checkbox.
    • Pop up the Login box if the user hasn't entered a username and refuse to run without one.
  • Major
    • Enqueue new files into running FotoBilder process instead of starting a new one. [link]
    • Gallery support. Need server-side support if I'm gonna retrieve a gallery list.
      Bug: FotoBilder lets me create galleries with no name ("X-FB-Gallery: name=").
      Bug(?): FotoBilder galleries of the same name but in different cases should probably be the same(?). Observe my galleries: "Best Pictures Ever" and "best pictures ever".
    • Installer support. Use the above-modified NSIS to install (including into SendTo menu) and uninstall properly. When you install multiple times, it overwrites the old install, so don't worry about uninstalling between releases.


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