Brad Whitaker (whitaker) wrote in fotobilder,
Brad Whitaker

Late night question...

I'm here hackin' on fotobilder and I have a little hangup.

the 'user' table only exists on a dbs or a dbh handle, right? Obviously right now it exsits on any db handle because we only have one database, but i can't do something like:

SELECT * FROM secmembers m, user u WHERE m.secid='$secid' AND m.userid='$u' AND m.userid=u.userid

... because the user table and the secmembers table would probably/possibly be on different servers, right?

Also, just a quick run-down. I asked brad about this the other day, but I'd like to verify:

dbh = master writer
dbs = master reader
udbh = user writer
udbs = user reader

Is this correct? Any quick responses appreciated, I'm running out of coffee.

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