Martin Atkins (mart) wrote in fotobilder,
Martin Atkins

S2View Really Early Release Thingy

I figured people probably want to play with S2, but FotoBilder doesn't make it easy to just mess around right now since the UI isn't there and the layer settings are hardcoded. Since S2View is now developed to the extent that it's actually useful, even if it's not particularly elegant yet, I thought I'd make an early release so that people can more easily tinker.

I hacked together a really simple site for S2View which has the executable and the FotoBilder support files available for download. It was written in VB6 (sorry!) so you're going to need the Visual Basic 6 runtime libraries. I also have no idea if all of the libraries I used are standard Windows stuff. In particular, you might find that you don't have MSSCRIPT.OCX as I've no idea if that comes with the base Windows Script distribution or whether it's something that got added to my system later.

To use the FotoBilder support stuff, just make a directory under your S2View directory (assuming you actually make one for it) and extract the files to there. I have mine called 'init' under the installed directory, but S2View shouldn't care as it will just load from whatever you type into the combo boxes. (Which, incidentally, are just textboxes right now because there's no code to populate the lists with anything.)

You'll need to specify the InitScript and Core layer at minimum to get anything useful out of it. You can then overlay other layers on top of the core layer, but not all of the builtin functions are defined in the distribution I'm offering, so not everything's going to work right at the moment. Also, Brad's really ugly test layout won't work because the core layer in the distribution is my modified version which Brad is currently reviewing. (And, thus, you should consider it volatile and not get stroppy when your layers need changing as my core layer is reorganised by Brad.)

As noted on the page, I know it has bugs already. They're mostly trivial stuff which most people shouldn't even notice unless they go looking for them. Feel free to report bugs if you want, but I'm more releasing this for the convenience of those tinkering than as an actual testing release. (It doesn't even have a version number with any meaning)

Update @ 14:09 GMT: I accidentally uploaded a version I built with my debugging S2 library rather than the 'real' one. I've updated the executable with the same name on the site, so if you're behind an aggressive caching proxy you might not be able to get a new copy. Sorry. The debug version reports some harmless errors during the loading of the core layer to do with functions that call functions which haven't appeared in the file yet, but after that the page will often render just fine.


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