Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote in fotobilder,
Brad Fitzpatrick


New stuff:

-- jredburn's PNG modifying code in. (good work... nice & clean!) moved GIF & PNG palette modifying code to its own file. (Note: this requires a new library... String::CRC32)

-- added doc/CONTRIBUTORS.txt file ... for now it's sorted by amount of work done, approximately, but if this gets to be a controversial thing, I'll change it to alphabetical. in the future, update the contributors file in any patches you send in. (whether to add yourself or to add a new feature line under your name)

-- fix from whitaker (pointed out by mart) where full image was loading on /manage/pic page... (had two $url vars... overlapping in scope)

-- new tool bin/fotodb which just execs the command-line mysql client with all the arguments you need, based on %FB::DBINFO ... when I was debugging patrick's installation problems, I wrote this when I realized it's hard to instruct somebody to get into their mysql shell perhaps, or it's inconsisent if I have to maintain different fotobilder installations in the future.

Much remaining to do ... seems everybody decided to mail me with FotoBilder work the day I went away. (oh, that weekend thing.)

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