Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote in fotobilder,
Brad Fitzpatrick


- web sessions working
- can create accounts (/create)
- login/logout

If you installed yesterday, drop your "sessions" table and re-run bin/upgrading/ -r -p

At this point, I'm ready to start accepting help.

- Need an INSTALL guide in the docs.

- Need a fairly nice stock BML template. Or 2 or 3. (picpix's template is not open source)

- htdocs/create should be prettied up (put form in table, etc)

- htdocs/login should be enhanced: give users option to do long/short login (long cookie expiry vs. on browser close), and bind session to IP address. all this is supported in the backend already... just need some front-end prettiness.

Nothing terribly exciting, but the beginning of a project never is.

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