July 15th, 2002

  • brad


This is mainly for Evan, who's starting on the Windows client today:


Interesting stuff is in notes/protocol or look at the Unix client at src/fotoup.pl

If you're wanting to run the server, it'll be a little painful, since I haven't even written a quick INSTALL guide yet.

But, if you're familiar with LiveJournal's install, it's very similar.
  • brad

That damn infectious GPL

I was planning on making fotobilder all BSD-licensed, but I just realized that an md5 javascript library I'm using as of today is GPL'ed....

So, any advice?

Move to GPL?

I don't give much of a damn. I mainly wanted BSD because I don't want to play police and I don't care what people do with the code.

The GPL is pretty useless when it comes to web application anyway (the "how do you 'distribute' a web app?" question...)