July 19th, 2002

concerned, frustrated
  • mart

Problems with DBI::Role (I think)

On successful login, my installation is returning the following error:

Can't call method "do" on an undefined value at d:/ martins/devel/fotobilder/lib/fotobilder.pl line 451.

Looks like DBI::Role is returning undef for the database handle for whatever reason. It managed to do the logon successfully, so the database is accessible to the server, but it can't seem to get a writer for userid 1. I managed to create a user account, so again my DB should be writable (and, in that case, DBI::Role would return the unwritable handle and cause an error, right?)

I have the most recent DBI::Role from CVS installed, incidentally.

Any ideas?

  • evan

(no subject)

FotoBilder for Windows, initial release.

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FotoBilder for Windows, initial release.

<blockquote<b><a href="http://www.speakeasy.net/~martine/FotoBilder.exe">FotoBilder.exe</a></b> [48kb]</blockquote>

<img src="http://www.picpix.com/evan/pic/0000603r">

(You can also drag'n'drop files to the window.)

Many things aren't implemented yet, so no bug reports yet except if it fails to upload files. (If it doesn't run properly, I'm all ears-- I'm especially curious about whether it runs on Windows 95/98.) It doesn't remember your username yet and you can't browse my pictures, so you'll have to change the user whenever you use it.
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  • brad

Big update

First off,

DROP upic;
DROP gallery;
DROP gallerypics;
DELETE FROM gallerysize; # just so you're clean

What's visibly new:

-- gallery counts work
-- fotoup.pl client lets you specify public or private
-- in fotoup.pl client you can set default security
-- gallery manage tells you when you have no galleries

What's new under the hood:

After long talk with Evan, realized current security design wasn't perfect... but the fix was easy. Security for a picture is now by gallery reference.

But, protocol changed a bit. So Evan's current client won't work... (trivial fix and his will again)

Gallery sort ordering stuff.

Tons of little things.
  • brad

Database Updates

From here on out, you won't have to kill your database to upgrade to the new code. I'll write the alter rules so update-db.pl will do the right thing.

I was not doing it so far but now I'm happy with the schema (so I don't see it changing much) and second of all, I don't want to kill PicPix data all the time. (though we will at some point, so don't put anything important on it)
  • evan

new win32 build

Use C++ exceptions to more gracefully handle error conditions and better report errors. C++ exceptions pull in the C runtime, so the executable's almost doubled in size: 81,920 bytes. :(

If you had problems with the previous release, please try this one and report if you get a better error message.

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