July 22nd, 2002

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Progress report

Cool things:

-- whitaker re-did the login interface. very awesome now.

-- you can reorder pictures in your gallery, select them, and add/move them to other galleries. the UI for this is incredibly cool ... tested in Mac IE 5.2, Win IE 6.0, and Mozilla 1.0. go upload 9 pictures or so and play around with it.

-- you can create galleries now... kinda. I only gave this a moment's love. it'll mature next. along with editing/deleting galleries, etc.

Also coming up:

-- whitaker will be working on the UI for security group editing.

-- I'll be doing the UI to define relationships between galleries, and all the associated crap related to that.
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As mart noted, not all the buttons in the gallery manage page work yet. But... there are roll-over descriptions of what each button does now, though.

Also of note: there is now a page linked off /manage/ to fix your gallery counts, if you suspect they've got screwed, or they were previously screwed from old code.

I'm interested in any bug reports about how it's possible to screw up your gallery counts after doing some series of actions.
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IE 5.5 login

Netscape rules:

Using some of those wrapper libraries now... (xbDOM and xbStyle are very cool!)

patrick or whitaker ... can you test if logins work in IE5.5 now?

If you do login with IE5.5, the rest of the management area won't, because it hasn't been converted to use xbDOM where needed yet.

(Why does IE 5.2 for Mac kick so much more ass than 5.5 for Windows? Why aren't they the same codebase? *sigh*)
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  • mart

Images in the Filesystem

For me, it'd be cool if FotoBilder's 'full-size' images (and possibly also thumbnails) could reference graphics at arbitrary locations in my filesystem. I have a ton of pictures on my Windows box all nicely organised into directories which are handy for browsing locally, and in order to display them with FotoBilder I'm faced with their dumping all of my organisation in favour of relying on FotoBilder to do the organisation, or duplicating all of my data. On a UNIX system I could pull tricks with the database and symlinks, and I could do a similar thing with NTFS links on Win2k, but that's hardly clean.

What I would really like is the ability to make use of the FotoBilder interface to manage 'public' access to my photos while still keeping the pretty (but rigid and metadata-less) filesystem layout I have for my own organisation sakes. There is of course the problem of me moving images around and breaking references, but that's my own problem.

If I were to use it, I'd let FotoBilder handle the thumbnails as I don't habitually generate thumbnails of my images and store them with the full-size photos, but I guess some people might want to do that too for different reasons, so if that's easy it might be worth allowing also.

All of the ways I've thought of doing this involve storing references somewhere, where I've considered storing in the filesystem itself (sym/hardlinks, which would be a hack and would have to work differently on Windows if at all), storing in files (also a hack, but at least a cross-platform hack), or in the database which possibly involves complicating the database schema. I imagine it'd be popular functionality if it can be done, though.


Uploading Problems with code on windows

I've been trying to use fotobilder on windows, and I can get the web interface working fine, but I can not get fotoup.pl to upload to my site :(

DOS window says:

D:\My Documents>D:/inetpub/fb/src/fotoup.pl --gallery="Colin" Me.jpg
Getting challenge...
Uploading: Me.jpg
Adding to gallery: Colin
Server Error: Couldn't allocate a gpicid: Failed to make directories: Invalid argument
and my conf file says:
server: omega:90
username: csogilvie
password: ********

Any ideas? Could it be becuse i'm running it on an odd port?
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fotobilder for windows release

Major changes:
- Allows users of the form user@host:port/path (though I can't remember if implemented actually using the port/path... hrm).
- Saves your current login information in the registry (will save multiple users in the future).
- Progress dialog when uploading (don't hit cancel... doesn't quite work yet).

- Any flicker? I hate flicker.
- I arbitrarily made the upload block size 2048 bytes, so that's how far the progress bar moves. Is that a good size?


I'll track down the crashing problem by making a version that logs everything that's going on as it does it, I guess... or maybe I could put Win98 on one of my other machines...
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Gallery & picture management is pretty much done now. All the hard stuff is, anyway. All that remains is polish as needed.

Please, play around with it and report any problems or feature requests.

mart's ready to start doing the S2 stuff with me, so that'll probably be next. Then other users can start looking at your galleries. (which means I'll have to finish the security stuff... right now everything's public.) After that, we'll need to go recruit good web designer people to make us some rad default gallery styles & themes.

whitaker didn't do anything today, because he's doing his "real job" or something.... whatever. :P

Props to evan for his client work... the Windows client is really what will make this project a success.
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fotobilider for windows release [4]

- Fix tab order in user dialog. ("Remember" still doesn't do anything.) [link]
- Complain early if the file is less than 10 bytes, because then we can't even send the magic. [link]
- Actually run the dialog modally over the parent window (happily, it was a minor change). [link]
- Actually use the port and path specified in a URL-style "user@host:port/path" username. [link]
- Improved error messages for errors involving advapi32.dll [Crypt*() functions], and hopefully a fix for this error: [link]
- Cancellable network requests.

Also, I bumped back the compile-time settings to Windows 95, IE 4. This means that the file open box is no longer the fancy Win2k-style (or was it 98 that introduced it?) one, but it may fix the problems for people on older versions of Windows. I don't intend to keep it this way, and I'm using this as a last resort to see if this is what's causing problems with older versions of Windows.

So again, bug reports from older Windowses are appreciated.

Download: [FotoBilder.exe]