July 24th, 2002

  • brad


90 degree picture rotation is in. 11 lines of real code.... way easier than I was expecting. The API is becoming very cool.

Anybody got time to make a new HTML template for fotobilder? (the one on picpix.com is just something I had lying around, but it totally sucks.)

The fotobilder HTML template is what all installations will use by default... except picpix.com, which eventually will have its own "corporate branded" look or something. I'll probably pay somebody to do that when it comes time to launch.

In the meantime, however, we need something better for the open source part.
  • brad

Public parts

Moving out of the management area for awhile, it's time to start working on public display of galleries & pics.

mart is doing some awesome work on the S2 classes that will be required. While he's continuing to work on that, I'm removing the few LJ-specific bits from S2 and putting it in wcmtools CVS, so it's easily usable from both projects.

Pretty soon I'll have S2 output actually going to a webpage.

For now I just stubbed out the mod_perl handler:


(Mart, feel free to move discussion here instead of email.)