July 27th, 2002

  • evan

status report

Tonight I modified NSIS to:
  • Use the Win2k+ font, if available, in its dialogs (the same way FotoBilder does). [trivial]
  • Add a $SENDTO variable to the installation language so I can add FotoBilder to the user's SendTo menu. [near-trivial]
God, I love open source. I would've been screwed if it hadn't come with source.

FotoBilder changes since last release:
  • minor
    • Show "initializing" when starting up transfer. [link]
    • Obey the "Remember Password" checkbox.
    • Pop up the Login box if the user hasn't entered a username and refuse to run without one.
  • Major
    • Enqueue new files into running FotoBilder process instead of starting a new one. [link]
    • Gallery support. Need server-side support if I'm gonna retrieve a gallery list.
      Bug: FotoBilder lets me create galleries with no name ("X-FB-Gallery: name=").
      Bug(?): FotoBilder galleries of the same name but in different cases should probably be the same(?). Observe my galleries: "Best Pictures Ever" and "best pictures ever".
    • Installer support. Use the above-modified NSIS to install (including into SendTo menu) and uninstall properly. When you install multiple times, it overwrites the old install, so don't worry about uninstalling between releases.

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Late night question...

I'm here hackin' on fotobilder and I have a little hangup.

the 'user' table only exists on a dbs or a dbh handle, right? Obviously right now it exsits on any db handle because we only have one database, but i can't do something like:

SELECT * FROM secmembers m, user u WHERE m.secid='$secid' AND m.userid='$u' AND m.userid=u.userid

... because the user table and the secmembers table would probably/possibly be on different servers, right?

Also, just a quick run-down. I asked brad about this the other day, but I'd like to verify:

dbh = master writer
dbs = master reader
udbh = user writer
udbs = user reader

Is this correct? Any quick responses appreciated, I'm running out of coffee.
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Security Group Editor

The security group editor is complete. I haven't sent it to brad yet because I need to know if it is okay to select from 'user' and 'secmembers' in a single query. If not, I need to rework something real quick. See this post.

Also, I added a few new API functions and I need to WCMFUNC those... So it'll be fully complete tomorrow. Also of note is that FB::delete_secgroup() doesn't exist yet, we'll have to wait on brad to write that one since he knows the schema better than anyone else.
amused, happy
  • mart

Weird Thumbnail Behavior

The 320x240 images on the "Edit Picture" page on PicPix seem to be retrieving the full-size image rather than the resized version, which is making the small image take a stupidly long time to download on my 56k modem. Of course, the HTML is scaling it down to 320x240 anyway, so it's just a small image that takes a long time to download and looks like shit because my browser is scaling it rather than ImageMagick.

Patch submittal

Ok, I've implemented the palette-on-the-fly stuff for PNGs. Would someone be willing to walk me through the process of creating a patch from my changed file? (the only file I changed is Pic.pm)

If you'd like to see it in action:

Original image:

Change palette entry 0 to black

Change palette entry 0 to black and 1 to white

A couple of questions for Brad regarding his implementation:
- Is it possible to change the palette entry for palette entries > 15 (F)? It seems not since we're looking for multiples of 7 for each change
- I do some error checking of the PNG (ie. check for valid signature, make sure png type is indexed palette). Is the "right" way to react to errors to return 404?

A few final notes:
- Right now it breaks if you try and change a nonexisting palette entry (PNGs don't have fixed size palettes). The test image only has entries 0 and 1. I'll fix this before I submit the patch.


Updated: The patch is now available here.
  • brad


New stuff:

-- jredburn's PNG modifying code in. (good work... nice & clean!) moved GIF & PNG palette modifying code to its own file. (Note: this requires a new library... String::CRC32)

-- added doc/CONTRIBUTORS.txt file ... for now it's sorted by amount of work done, approximately, but if this gets to be a controversial thing, I'll change it to alphabetical. in the future, update the contributors file in any patches you send in. (whether to add yourself or to add a new feature line under your name)

-- fix from whitaker (pointed out by mart) where full image was loading on /manage/pic page... (had two $url vars... overlapping in scope)

-- new tool bin/fotodb which just execs the command-line mysql client with all the arguments you need, based on %FB::DBINFO ... when I was debugging patrick's installation problems, I wrote this when I realized it's hard to instruct somebody to get into their mysql shell perhaps, or it's inconsisent if I have to maintain different fotobilder installations in the future.

Much remaining to do ... seems everybody decided to mail me with FotoBilder work the day I went away. (oh, that weekend thing.)
  • brad

Group editor

whitaker's friend/security group editor is in CVS, and picpix.com is updated. Give it a whirl. It's not entirely done. Remaining:

-- deleting groups (which requires some db stuff I need to do)
-- editing by user, instead of just by group. (given a user, add/remove groups they belong to) whitaker's working on this next, after he makes a BML template from niko's site design.

Also, new snapshot at: