July 29th, 2002

  • dottey

Update procedure?

Update Thanks all, I got it to work! Yes, you need Perl's String::CRC32 installed which can be found in Debian's (unstable) libstring-crc32-perl package.

What is the proper current updating steps for Fotobilder code on a server? This is what I've been doing. But the last time I went to update, I'm now getting an Internal Server Error. So I'm not sure what went wrong....

1) (your command to stop apache)
2) cvsreport.pl -u -c -s
3) bin/upgrading/update-db.pl -r -p
4) (your command to start apache)

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  • brad

FotoBilder on Windows

Mart: what's your current status of running the server on Windows?

I remember seeing somewhere a sub you replaced to make it work.

I want to change things so it works fine out-of-the-box on Windows or Unix.

I'm starting to setup things here on my Windows machine, just for pain.
  • brad

Protocol can now return galleries


The protocol will now return galleries and relations. See notes/protocol.


We'll be supporting XML-RPC also, but it's always nice to have lots of different interfaces available, as it makes work easier on client authors. Evan wanted this interface.
  • evan

(no subject)

I can't help but notice that the Windows FotoBilder client makes a new connection for each request it makes. Doesn't HTTP support some sort of sustained connection? What is that called? (I recall a header of the sort "Connection: ...") How is this related to keepalives?

I've looked around in the docs and on the web, but the best I can find is a flag, INTERNET_OPTION_KEEP_CONNECTION, which is documented as unimplemented in most sources I can find and doesn't do much on my system (Win2k, IE6).
  • brad


I never did get around to playing with FotoBilder server on Windows, but I did include Mart's work-around in the source.

If you're on Windows, put:


in your etc/fbconfig.pl and let me know if it works. Looks like you'll need to make an $FB::HOME/tmp directory first that's writable by the webserver.

Mart --- what does POSIX::tmpname return on Windows? Isn't it a full path? How can you just append that to $FB::HOME/tmp without making a bunch of directories first? Can't you just do what jredburn suggested and prefix the single argument version of Write to use "jpeg:" or "gif:" to whatever POSIX::tmpname returns?

In any case, the code still works on Unix.

Unless I hear support for $WINHACK_GPICAPPEND it'll be removed. If it does work, though, then we should document it somewhere. (Somebody want to write a quick guide to running the server on Windows?)
  • brad

PicturePage kinda working

Click a picture:


Goes to a PicturePage now, not the raw full-sized image.

This is the page that'll show what galleries the picture belongs is, let you steal the image into your own gallery (if user allows it), link to picture manage page (if you're the owner), let you view picture at different sizes, and just generally wrap the image somehow pretty.

Since nobody's really replying to any of these status updates, how about all you hundred lurkers reply and say hello, state your interest in the project, etc.... ?
  • brad

Single user installations ... "The patrick feature"

I've stated from the beginning that I want fotobilder usable by a single user, a small group, or a million+ users.

To address the single user case, there's a new option in etc/fbconfig.pl:

$FB::ROOT_USER = "patrick";

And then URLs are shorter, of the form:


But if you want to host a friend's account also, those still work:


(Patrick --- is this a better feature named after you than the LJ one? I can't remember what it was, but I remember you hating it.... :P)
computer crap

Security Groups (yet again)

Seems like I'm not getting much done, eh? Always talking about the same thing. Well, I guess i'm not, but I guess I am. Whatever.

Anyway, I've sent 2 more versions of the security group editor through Brad. The first one had a ton of fixes and a new mode you can use to select a user and check all the groups you want them to belong to, rather than select a group and check users that belong to it. The second just had a few code cleanups and some usability fixes that brad recommended. All pretty minor, but it's getting there. The latest one is sitting in brad's inbox, so it should be in cvs shortly. (or not :P )

Also, mart found an error with insecure logins. Sent Brad a patch for that which is now in cvs.