August 1st, 2002


Random idea: preloading images.

As many people know, using javascript you can preload an image by doing something like:

var picture = new Image();
picture.src = '';

I was thinking it might be cool for layouts to be able to use this to preload the next (and possibly previous) pictures when you're viewing the "single image" page. Then when you move on to the next image, it will already be in the browser cache and therefore load instantly. So I guess I'm suggesting that a couple properties (next_image_url, prev_image_url) be added to whatever s2 class is responsible for the single image view... That is, if people are interested in the idea... =]

I stole this idea from Windows XP's integrated picture viewer by the way. It seems to start loading the next picture before you click next.
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idea: Server-side image manipulation

Would anyone like to see a server-side image manipulation tool for FotoBilder? I think it'd be a neat feature, but I wasn't sure if it'd be beyond the range of what FB is supposed to be.

Some possible features:
--rotating (already available)
--inverting/desaturating/other color alterations
--adding text

What it might be like:
Perhaps the image editor would keep a temporary history to allow several undos. This could probably be limited to 3 or 5 states, to save space. It should probably keep the image currently being edited in a temporary location, and it would give you the option to save the image normally or save it as a new image.

Does anyone like this idea?
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Status Update

The style editor is starting to work. You can pick your base language and layout now. This is enough to be useful.

Things not implemented:
-- picking themes
-- user layer creation wizard
-- creating new styles (can only edit your default one)

There are now two layouts available, and three languages. (but the three languages do nothing... they're only there because I needed test data.)

S2 error output continues to get better.

whitaker rewrote the security group editor to be cleaner. Kinda my fault ... I didn't give him half the requirements until I saw his first version and then realized it wasn't totally sufficient. But, hey... such is programming. Anyway, his next project is actually making the views respect those settings.

mart mailed me a huge core1.s2 patch, and lots of it I'll merge tomorrow. I'll refrain from including his patches to the gallery thumbnail stuff until I implement that part on the server.

With whitaker and mart's stuff in, the next part is fully setting up the data structures that are passed to the S2 code, and then making some styles. (which we can now actually use!)

Tomorrow should be exciting. Today was kinda slow because I spent most of it moving big chunks of FotoBilder's login system over to LiveJournal, and not actually working on FotoBilder.
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s2compile Binary Distribution

For those who don't want to download the entire Java Development Kit (which is a reasonable decision if you're not planning to do any Java development — it's quite a big package), I've made available a compiled version of the compiler which should run on any system with at least version 1.3 of the Java 2 Runtime Environment. I've only actually tested it with Sun's Win32 JRE, but it should hopefully work elsewhere too as s2compile doesn't really use any advanced features which wouldn't be implemented in a standard runtime. A wrapper perl script is provided so that UNIX people can put it in their PATH and run it more easily, but because the package was made on a Windows box you'll have to set the execute permissions on it manually.

Also included are some syntax-highlighting definitions for TextPad and CoolEdit. I've never actually heard of the latter until today, but its syntax stuff was easy so I hacked one up. I was going to do Emacs too, but I really didn't feel like writing any Lisp code. Perhaps someone else more familiar than me can adapt a Java or C++ mode into a S2 mode for Emacs. Definitions for other editors are welcome too; once I've got a fair amount I'll put them up separately rather than bundling them with the compiler.

The compiler is pretty self-explanitory if you understand roughly what's going on with S2. The (albeit a bit LJ-specific) old docs are still up if you need to read something. In particular, there's my old language reference which is a bit outdated but should help with anything that you can't learn from the stuff that's already in CVS.