August 5th, 2002

amused, happy
  • mart


I propose a new config setting: $FB::MAD_PROPS.

When set to true, the properties returned are populated from random ramblings from LiveJournal rather than the actual value stored in the database. For extra effect, we can run the LJ stuff through dadadodo first.

Image editing tools

I spent the morning looking around the various online photo sites. They offer some really fancy online image editing tools. I'm going to be on vacation for two weeks without a laptop pretty soon, but I think it would be great (at least for Picpix, not sure about Fotobilder in general) to offer some of these same features. Ofoto, for example, offers a real nice cropper, red-eye removal, lighting fix, rotation, and some simple tinting/effects plugins. If anyone else thinks this would be useful, I'll get to work putting together a suite of image editing utilities that's as comprehensive as I can make it. It might be a while before I have anything to show but it should be fun :)

S2 core info

I was looking through core1.s2 this morning and was trying to figure out how i could go about implementing the up button/link... but i couldn't seem to find out which class/structure actually has the information needed.

The best i could find is children, but i think children is the other way, ie, which galleries are descendant off of this one.
Now with the picture page, i assume there is the gallerydescent which could be used for moving backwards, but how are we supposed to know which gallery to goto? there could easily be more than one gallery it belongs to.

Should this be added to core? or is there a way of doing this that i've missed?
  • brad


I'm keeping TODO.txt updated in CVS. I'll post here occasionally and remind people.

Really, that list is pretty short .... there are tons of things I could use help with. *nudge nudge* :-)
  • brad

S2 changes

-- if you're tinkering with making styles, use s2layers-local.dat (you'll have to make it), not s2layers.dat. s2layers.dat is official, and will get overwritten on updates. s2layers-local.dat is your own.

-- to compile your S2 and put the result in the database, there's a new tool in bin: s2make

-- after running s2make, you no longer have to restart the webserver... updated layers are reloaded when it's detected that they changed.

-- started moving towards perl-style identifiers.