August 21st, 2002

  • brad

Core time

So basically, the hard stuff on FotoBilder is all done. Now we just need to finish the core layer, which defines what styles can do.

The best way to do this is to probably add/extend classes, document, and implement along the way. That way anybody can jump in and help at any point, see what's been done, read the rationale and usage notes, and use it or help finish it.

I'm going to add some parsable comments to core1.s2 that I'll have auto-generated to a core layer reference in HTML.

Then, we need artsy people to start making styles, and artsy/programmer people to implement those styles in S2, and the total geek people to just review the classes and help implement incomplete parts.

Mart has a ton of stuff waiting to go into the core layer, but it's too much for me to handle... I have a half dozen emails from him in my inbox, all diffed against old versions, before we made certain decisions as to conventions, etc. He's terrible at sending me small changes, but I hope he'll get better.

Once the HTML reference is up, then all small changes can be proposed, discussed, and understood in this community first, before going into the core.
  • brad

S2 API Docs

Been working today on making the S2 compiler accept docstrings for classes, functions, and class members.

Then, we put core & layout API docs in the S2 files themselves.

So we needed a browser for it:

It's far from done... beside missing big parts (class members aren't there... just haven't gotten to it), the documentation is hardly started.

It'll get better.