August 25th, 2002

  • brad


There's almost too much to summarize....

* S2 core layer is making a lot of progress, both in design and implementation. Mart and I have been talking a bunch.

* You can now create multiple styles, and tweak each one.

* Galleries can now specify their style, overriding the account default.

* PicturePage URLs clicked from a GalleryPage are tagged with gallery info now. If Gallery goes away, or picture is removed from gallery, URL still works, redirecting to PicturePage without associated gallery.

* S2 pages can now set HTTP status code, in addition to content type.

I'd venture to say it's sane at this point to start make styles, though it'll be a little rough, as you hit the data structures in S2 land that aren't populated yet.

Focus for tomorrow:

* paging

* more S2 data structure population

If any HTML/CSS wizards want to start making layout templates, Mart and I can start converting them to S2.

Remember, keep your CSS stylesheet external, as S2 supports that.
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  • mart

Another Reason to Provide Default Implementations in Core

Error running layer: cleanlyshaven/layout: S2::get_func_num: Undefined function

Since there's no default implementation of this in core, and the compiler placed my implementation after it was used in a function, this error resulted. Swapping over the register_function calls in the output fixes it, of course, but if there was a default implementation in core this wouldn't have mattered! ;)