August 27th, 2002

  • brad

Misc plans

Some misc notes I thought I'd share:

Name Domains
I'll be changing the unique identifier on FotoBilder from a username to a (name domain + username). There will be a default name domain ID of 0, which means "this site".

But, you can add new domains, each with their own URL ( and authentication hooks. So, all paid users on LiveJournal have reserved usernames on, essentially.

To them, it seems like is a livejournal thing.... PicPix could be completely hidden.

C# port of s2compile
Java2 is not Debian free, so I want to port s2compile from Java to C#, for use with Mono.

Parrot bytecode
I want to make s2compile dump to Parrot bytecode, instead of Perl5, then find/write a Perl5 module to invoke the Parrot engine.
  • brad

Cropping region & focus point DHTML

macheide, you previously said you were going to work on the Cropping Region & Focus Point editing DHTML, but I haven't heard back from you. Still alive?

Anybody else have time/motivation/skills to do it?

Basically: given a picture, let user define a cropping region box over that picture, and drag a focus point ball within that cropping region.

Doing this with Java would be easy, but add a dependency we don't want. Doing this server-side & HTML only would be lame.

We really need a DHTML person for this. Mart? :P
  • brad

Nightly report

- Tons more data is populated.

- can do $super->method() in S2 now.

- I'm currently updating all my layouts, slowly:

Apache-style works for all page types now:

Super Simple is cleaned up: (click around in it!)

Framed now lets you select colors for main area, scrolling area, text color, and scrolling area position (left or bottom)...


Same style. Just different selections in the customization wizard. (Try that with S1!)

Mart and I have realized that nobody is going to get excited about all the cool shit you can do in S2 until we make a bunch of layouts and prove it, so that's our goal now.

We'll begin recruiting again in a week when we can more easily woo you. :-)
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  • mart

s2compile binary distro updated

If you want to be able to run s2compile without installing a Java Development Kit (Big download. Probably waste of disk space if you never do Java development) you might be interested in my precompiled distribution, which only requires a Java Runtime Environment. (Still big download, but less big. Needed for running any Java app.)

Someone submitted syntax highlighting definitions for some text editor last time I mentioned this. I've not put them in the package yet, but will get to it eventually.

Updated S2View coming shortly.