August 28th, 2002

  • brad

Transparent IE PNG... Need help

Here's some code to make a transparent PNG. However, it's not transparent in IE, because IE only handles very simple PNG files.

I've fought with this far too long. It should be easy. I even resorted to trying for awhile, even though that'd be a new dependency, but segfaults because of all the libpng binary incompatibility issues, and I don't want to fight that and mess up my system.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it... make this work in IE:

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  • brad

Cropped thumbnails

A temporary cropping region & focus point editor is now done, and I've finished most of cropped thumbnails.


Super simple layout has been updated to let you select the thumbnail style from the customization page.

In review, there are 3 cropping modes:

cropped -- takes the region you selected, and scales it evenly to fit within the thumbnail boundaries (say, 100x100)

stretched -- takes the region you selected, and stretches it to be exactly 100x100 (or whatever the thumbnail size is). nobody would ever use this one... and maybe I'll remove it. it's kinda dumb.

zoomed -- takes the region you selected, gets the largest sub-region it can matching the aspect ratio of the thumbnail size, centered on the focus point, and scales that down to exactly 100x100.

Zoomed is the one I'm most excited about... some really neat galleries will be possible with that. But right now, that's the one that isn't done yet. I'll post again when zoomed mode is done, along with a style that uses it well.

mart has a cool style that depends on zoomed mode, also.