August 29th, 2002

  • brad

Zoomed Thumbnails

Zoomed thumbnails are done!

Notice how they're all the same size? Good for making grids of pictures.

Notice how the aspect ratio of the original is maintained? Good for, um... not looking like ass.

I'm kinda sad... this was the last hard thing to do. It's all boring stuff and polish from here on out.

If you need a reminder from earlier about what zoomed thumbnails are, read this:

Now, I sleep.

Mart, sober up... we got fun layouts to code!
  • brad

Testing & usability

I've made a new community for testing & usability discussion of fotobilder:


I'm going to be out recruiting guinea pigs to have accounts and report usability issues and such.

fotobilder_user will be a safe spot for normal-people discussion, without being all geeky.