September 5th, 2002

  • brad

Progress report

Much fun:

- started pluggable authentication system and wrote a LiveJournal plugin that detects LJ cookies and creates a picpix account transparently. (changed the user table on fotobilder so the tuple [domainid,user] is unique, not just user). down the road, is interested in integration as well. that plugin may not be open source, though.

- had billiam line up a dozen beta testers. will begin the testing program soon, after LJ integration is done.

- fixed halkeye's recently reported bug

- talked to ddelapp who's really interested in making layouts and does that sort of thing.

- played with ActiveState's PerlApp along with Win32::GUI, if I need to end up making a Windows client sometime. however, evan intends to keep working on his client, so perhaps I can avoid that insanity and continue my happy existence in server land.

- whitaker will be hackin' on FB pretty soon here.