September 8th, 2002

  • mart

Crop Region Editor

I've been working on a JavaScript-based crop region editor for FotoBilder. This post is mostly here just so Brad can see what it's going to look like, but other people are welcome to look too of course.

For those who like status updates, Brad was working on the FB to LJ interface today, which will make it possible for all LJ accounts to automatically exist on the mostly-separate picpix domain for LiveJournal (probably something like I have, of course, been working on this crop thingy.

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It looks a little less pretty in Mozilla, but it works just fine in both. Users can either type in their crop region manually, or more likely they can clicky-clicky the three different sets of coordinates on the picture. The “No Special Cropping” option disables all of the form fields and the processing script on the server uses it as a flag to remove the cropping data. “Center Focus Point” disables the focus point controls and automatically positions it in the center of the cropping region, since I imagine that will be a common case.