September 10th, 2002

computer crap

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I've been a bit of a hiatus the past couple of weeks, so I haven't been able to stay as involved in FB as I'd like. However, Brad pointed out to me about a week ago that the group editor was broken. Arg. I tested it pretty thorougly when I made my last revision to it, so I can only guess that perhaps a function it depends on behaves differently now? Not sure.

Anyway, Brad asked me what was up and I told him I'd do it when I got back from New York. Only problem... I JUST remembered saying that. So I will get to it tonight or tomorrow.
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windows client status

I moved from Visual Studio 6 to Visual Studio .NET, and I took the opportunity to clean up a bunch of the code. You can now get the source from danga's CVS repository (why does that say LiveJournal on it, anyway?) and graba new setup executable from my speakeasy account (Brad: I'd like some webspace on danga [] for these sorts of files, separate from my personal website).

I rewrote a significant amount of this, so I've likely introduced new bugs and there have been some regressions. Bug reports are always welcome, but I still haven't implemented some things so I guess it's hard to tell what are bugs and what are unimplemented features.

Changes from last version:
+ Support Windows XP themes! Yay!
+ Retrieves galleries from server.
+ Properly escapes gallery names (duh, I just forgot two lines of code).
? Executable mysteriously gained 60kb. Where'd this come from? Maybe an optimization setting somewhere?
? I'm now using InnoSetup because it seems cleaner than NSIS and I didn't need to edit the source for it to support the Send To menu. This bloats the download up to 300kb somehow?
? I get the :FB_in gallery when I get my gallery list. Brad indicated that's a bug on the server side.
- No status dialog on any transfers (still haven't fixed that part).

To grab the source, I recommend WinCVS, which you (Brad) can combine with Network Simplicity's OpenSSH for SSH access. (Unfortunately, it appears that OpenSSH doesn't want to share keyfiles with PuTTY. Anybody know about this?)

If you want to contribute, feel free to send me patches. (Or do Windows people do something different?) If you need help with that, let me know and I'll write a document on how it works. If you just send me new files and not patches, I will just delete them.
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My status:
Gallery management just got a lot friendlier. The links across the top let you get to any of the gallery management views easily.

The new one is "Text & Security" which lets you change titles & descriptions en masse, as well as change security per picture (which was never exposed before), and a second way to re-order pictures (in case, say, you don't have javascript support, which the other management view required to reorder pictures)

Minor usage note: If pictures are labeled 1, 2, 3, 4 and you want to move #3 between 1 and 2, just change it to 1.5 and hit save. Internally it only uses integers, but it'll resort things for you and re-assign them contiguous integers.

Tonight/tomorrow I finish hooking up the S2 compiler to the web, with the priv system (already in place) so people (Devon) can start making layouts without setting up their own server.

Overall status:

-- Evan released new client & source, so that's happy. Notably, gallery names don't get screwed anymore, and you can load existing gallery names from the server.

-- Mart is working on the cropping region editor in JavaScript, because the current interface is just too damn slow (and requires Mozilla, because IE PNG support sucks)

I think we'll start the public beta test soon, mainly of the management area, since the layouts are far from done.