September 23rd, 2002

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Gallery changes

A big commit went in last night changing how galleries are handled. Of note:

-- Gallery names no longer need be unique. You can have a dozen different galleries all called "Party" now if you want.

-- it's now possible for clients to create sub-galleries and upload into them. Evan has a ton of changes to the Windows client not in CVS. One of us will update the code to use the new protocol, then Evan will release a new binary.
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A while ago Brad pointed out that the security group editor was broken, which was strange to me because I tested the hell out of it before I submitted it to him.

Well, it turns out the reason that deleting groups doesn't work because:

sub delete_secgroup {
my ($udbh, $userid, $secid) = @_;
$userid = want_userid($userid);

# whitaker: fitz, write this

return 1;

And furthermore:
(20:26:03) Brad: i only yesterday added a required index to make that work

So looks like that's not an issue anymore. My question to everyone is what else is broken? I've been toying around here for a few minutes and most everything seems cool, but I'm sure I'm missing something or another. Any quick reports would be appreciated.
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FB docs

The first version of the FotoBilder Help Manual is up on; its scarce and incomplete, but I worked on the installation chapter first at the request of many people.

I'm looking for people to thoroughly review the installation chapter, looking for typos, omissions, references to LJ or LiveJournal that should be changed, etc. I'm also looking for people to install FotoBilder on their systems as if they were brand new to it, taking the instructions literally, and asking lots of questions.

Any help you can give is much appreciated.
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Hi, just thought I'd introduce myself...

I'm a web designer from the UK who specialises in PHP/mysql/Java systems. I've done a few things with graphic management systems before, so I thought I'd lend a hand.