October 15th, 2002

computer crap

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I submitted a patch a while ago to brad that allows for adding of users of other domains to security groups. Works like this:

- user adds something like 'whitaker@livejournal.com' see if that user/domainid pair has a userid in the database.
- if there's no userid, call up FB::Auth::LiveJournal and authenticate through that module to see if 'whitaker' exists at 'livejournal.com'. if it's a valid user, create a mostly blank userid using the new FB::create_user() function.
- now we have a userid in one way or another, so we add that to the friends groups.

Cool, eh? Yeah. As a side effect, there it's easy to call up FB::load_user({ 'create' => 1'}) or FB::lookup_user({'create' => 1}) from anywhere to tell it to create nonexistant users.

In other news, when selecting a thumbnail for a gallery, you could only select a thumbnail of a picture within that gallery. Now you can select a thumbnail from any sub-gallery.

While I was at this, I added paging support too. There's a new function called FB::paging_helper() that makes it easy to page any list of data. It's modelled after a similar S2 function.

Mad props to brad for fixing a couple of my stupid errors and adding sorting, etc.