October 24th, 2002

  • seadawg

FotoBilderX v0.1pre1

Got the Mac OS X client to successfully upload tonight, so here is v0.1pre1. This is intended as mainly a developers release. There are some limitations in this release:

- Currently only uploads to the 'Unsorted' folder
- Doesn't allow you to see/select your galleries
- Very little handling
- Cancel buttons on login/upload screens do not work (need to thread them so that it can process the buttons)
- Upload progress bar and text doesn't work (believe its the same reason as the cancel buttons)

You can download the application (dmg). I also, I've setup a CVS archive. Haven't enabled the anonymous pserver yet though, and the "Download tarball" link doesn't seem to compile successfully when you extract it, so download this source if you want to play around.

Please try and kill it... want to get the uploading squared away before moving onto gallery handling. When it does, check your console. It logs all HTTP traffic to it.