November 14th, 2002

Hair Cut

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I've just updated everything from CVS, and now my server is giving a 500 error.
Was anything changed that was likely to cause this?

I know that isn't affected :-\
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Hair Cut


Has there ever been any consideration to the possibiilty of expanding FotoBilder beyond just a photo gallery? (no offence intended)

I'm thinking along the lines of storing rich text: phrases, quotations, etc; and also hyperlinks?

I see FotoBilder (for me at least) as a way of storing memories. LiveJournal does that to a great extent, but categorising the memories is not a part of it's primary function. FotoBilder (or perhaps a partner system, TextBilder or LinkBilder?) could store and categorise this kind of information.

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I'd like to request a status report...

What is everyone working on? What are the current projects being undertaken and what needs to be done in the near future?

What is "the next step" ? Discussion?