November 16th, 2002

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This is another call for help with regard to my FotoBilder installation.
I have, once again, updated my source from the CVS and synchronised as follows:

bin/ -u
bin/ -c -s

I get a 500 error when I try and access FotoBilder. Having said that, I can access other Virtual Hosts on the server, so the actual server configuration is ok. I can only suggest that it's either the <VirtualHost> section for FotoBilder itself, or something in the code, and I can't work out which. :-(
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I welcome and appreciate all and any help you can offer.
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S2 is here.

Login and check out:

You can now create/edit/compile/delete layers. And then they show up when you make styles at:

That's how you test.

Hack away. Make layouts... make themes. Now it's easy for you to contribute! Just go learn S2.

Learn by example by looking at the source (via the layerbrowse page) for the other layouts.

Some formal documentation from mart is currently available here:

Now that S2 is actually available, documentation for it is a bigger priority. I'll announce whenever S2 doc updates are available.

Big disclaimer: This is *not* user-level stuff. This is developer stuff. Users will customize the look from the style editing page, and the "Customize" wizard. They'll never program in S2, or even be aware of its existence.

(Now that all components of S2 are done for FotoBilder, the move to put it on LiveJournal will be pretty straight-forward, and should happen soon, so learning S2 will be beneficial for at least two sites....)

Bug reports and questions welcomed.