March 26th, 2004


segmentation faults?

I'm attempting to install FotoBilder and am running across an error. I get a segmentation fault when running bin/ or bin/upgrading/ (only ones I've tried thus far)... any ideas?

[Checking for Perl Modules....]
[Checking FotoBilder Environment...]
Segmentation fault

API Documentation

Is there any documentation for the FotoBilder client/server API? I was unable to find anything on or in the CVS repository. Currently, I have an OS X application, iGallery, that synchronizes a person's local iPhoto library with a remotely running copy of the PHP webapp Gallery. I was wondering what kind of abstraction I could do to also support FotoBilder. Admittedly, I could pick apart one of the clients, but my spare time is a little limited these days and personally, I would much rather read through a concise spec than try to interpret a programmer's implementation of the API. Anyway, whatever pointers or references thrown my way would be greatly appreciated.

MySQL initialization

When installing FotoBilder from CVS, initializing the MySQL database failed, claiming it didn't know about a user field, until I commented out the line
do_alter("user", "ALTER TABLE user DROP INDEX user, DROP user");
from the end of bin/upgrading/, dropped and recreated the database, and ran the update-db script again. Is this stupid, or was the script in error? (Or both?)
Update: It looks like this is from verson 1.39 of Should I manually drop the user field now?

I'm also having a bit of trouble with styles, but I haven't looked at it very hard and I'm pretty sure it's my fault, but who knows. Should the version in CVS be usable?

Update: Traced back the style problem to, of all things, a missing record in the useridlookup table. The problem was that it couldn't find the core style... the table was missing a record for the system user, so it couldn't look up any public styles at all, even.

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Additionally, it would be nice if there were some way to pass across the short name of a gallery through the web API.

Update again: Are capabilities implemented anywhere, at all? It looks like if I'm using this on my own site, I can't take advantage of security levels without allowing people to host pictures on my site. This is Bad. ... And I would kill for EXIF support.
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