July 11th, 2004


CVS upgrade weirdness

Is the CVS version of Fotobilder always supposed to be usable for off-site users?

If it is, then I think things are currently a bit oddish. I ran an upgrade from CVS today for the first time since installing a few months ago to try and fix some random thumbnail generation issues, and apache-perl threw errors at me. checkconfig.pl told me I needed a new Perl package, which I installed. From there, I commented out use MogileFS in fotobilder.pl, commented out the bodies of all of the functions in lib/FB/MemCache.pm along with the use Cache::Memcached line, created the directory lib/S2 and copied Color.pm into it from cvs/wcmtools/lib/S2, and then apache-perl kindly consented to start again.

Upon looking at the contents of the cvs/wcmtools directory, I'm beginning to fear that I Did the Wrong Thing, but everything seems to be working (and the thumbnail problem was fixed).

Was there a more elegant solution here, and are these actually bugs to begin with?