August 16th, 2004

Hair Cut

Post-CVS update errors...

I've just updated to the latest CVS code, and I'm getting the following errors in the following places:

/manage/ - [Error: Undefined subroutine &FB::set_active_crumb called at (eval 161) line 3. ]
/manage/gal?id=whatever - [Error: Undefined subroutine &FB::gal_upics called at (eval 200) line 428. ]
/manage/pics?gal=whatever - "No pictures in this gallery" ... oh yes there are!!

Also, when I'm actually viewing galleries, there don't appear to be any actual pictures available to view.  Thumbnails for galleries appear no problem, but no thumbnails for pictures.  Externally linked pictures, however, work fine.

Something is not quite right here.