February 23rd, 2005

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I know this is prolly a silly question, do we have a limit on how many pics we can upload? I have around 200 and it won't let me do any more. If it is a space issue, then is there more space for purchase?
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EXIF DateTime Problem

(do dev people still read this community?)

fraserspeirs has brought it to my attention that there's a problem with writing clients which resize image before upload. The EXIF specification stipulates that whenever an image is modified, the DateTime field must be touched. As a result, clients need to do this in order to be compliant, and many libraries do it automatically after a resize.

The problem is that this changes the MD5 for the image every time. So we completely lose the effectiveness of our "already-have-image" optimization. I'm having trouble thinking of good solutions so I figured I'd post here for input.

Some options I've thought of:

* ask clients to ignore exif spec: bad idea, most wouldn't be able to since their libraries to do the work for them.

* ignore the problem: we lose the ability to keep one gpic for multiple upics (if those were auto-resized by the client on upload)... but maybe this isn't so bad because unused gpics will be cleaned?

* make a mechanism that will resize server-side after the full-image md5 is verified: this requires more overhead on our end and is slow for the user uploading a 5 megapixel image.

Bleh, thoughts? Read more in Fraser's journal: