July 5th, 2006


Scrapbook question

Is there any way to download whole photo galleries from LJ scrapbook onto your computer?

I uploaded a bunch of photos from my cousin's house using the XP publishing wizard, but now that I'm back home I would like to have copies of the originals on my own computer. I don't want to get each image using the old "right-click and save as" trick in internet explorer because that would take forever. I would like to find a faster way to download the whole gallery all at once, like something similiar to an FTP. Are there any tools out there that can help me do this?

I can use fotobuilder to upload photos in bulk, but is there any way I can use it (or something else) to download them?

Damn, wouldn't that be awesome if we could FTP into our livejournal accounts somehow to download our old journal entries and pictures? Sounds like a nifty little project for one of my amazingly talented programmer friends.
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