Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote in fotobilder,
Brad Fitzpatrick


I never did get around to playing with FotoBilder server on Windows, but I did include Mart's work-around in the source.

If you're on Windows, put:


in your etc/ and let me know if it works. Looks like you'll need to make an $FB::HOME/tmp directory first that's writable by the webserver.

Mart --- what does POSIX::tmpname return on Windows? Isn't it a full path? How can you just append that to $FB::HOME/tmp without making a bunch of directories first? Can't you just do what jredburn suggested and prefix the single argument version of Write to use "jpeg:" or "gif:" to whatever POSIX::tmpname returns?

In any case, the code still works on Unix.

Unless I hear support for $WINHACK_GPICAPPEND it'll be removed. If it does work, though, then we should document it somewhere. (Somebody want to write a quick guide to running the server on Windows?)

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