Brad Whitaker (whitaker) wrote in fotobilder,
Brad Whitaker

Security Groups (yet again)

Seems like I'm not getting much done, eh? Always talking about the same thing. Well, I guess i'm not, but I guess I am. Whatever.

Anyway, I've sent 2 more versions of the security group editor through Brad. The first one had a ton of fixes and a new mode you can use to select a user and check all the groups you want them to belong to, rather than select a group and check users that belong to it. The second just had a few code cleanups and some usability fixes that brad recommended. All pretty minor, but it's getting there. The latest one is sitting in brad's inbox, so it should be in cvs shortly. (or not :P )

Also, mart found an error with insecure logins. Sent Brad a patch for that which is now in cvs.

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