Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote in fotobilder,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Status: CSS cleanup, style editor

mart revised my changes to whitaker's BML scheme of niko's site template. It's in CVS & live now. I'm happy with it now, so I think we can all focus our energy elsewhere again.

My next project is the web-based style editor.

When you create an account, the system will create a new style for you, which is a copy of a style defined in etc/ (or, failing that, built-in).

The /manage/styles will let you pick your default style for your entire account. Initially there will only be one row there... the style created when you made your account (named the same as your account name).

But, you can create new ones. And if you have more than 1, then the /manage/gal page will let you select which style a gallery is, or "(default)" for styleid 0, which falls back to your accont default one.

A style consists of:

-- A layout.
-- An optional theme for that layout.
-- A language.
-- An optional "user layer" which the user sees as a big HTML form letting them tweak any properties which the upper layers reflect.

mart, want to start feeding me small core1.s2 patches with explanations? I'm starting to understand some of the things you did with it before, and I know you're generally on the right track, but I get confused. For instance, I now see why we need a GalleryPicturePage ... so we can have next/previous buttons on a picture page to cycle within the current gallery.

We need to decide the URL format for picture pages in a specific gallery. Just append /000a2 to it? (No need for the 3 digit auth, since we already have the pic auth before it)

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