Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote in fotobilder,
Brad Fitzpatrick


I cleaned the S2-running code today a ton ... merging all the common and tedious stuff from the * files into the main library.

All a new view has to do now is:

FB::s2_run($r, [ $u->{'styleid'} ], "IndexPage::print()", $indexpage);

(where $r is the Apache request object)

My debugging of that led to tons of improvements in S2's error reporting.

I implemented the S2 builtin set_content_type() function, using some trickery for speed of prints from S2.

There is now a hashref called $FB::DEFAULT_STYLE that determines which layers are used by default when the user doesn't have a default style set.

I started using lib/ which was previously an empty file. I moved the default color stuff from the stock BML scheme into there.

I started working on the Manage Styles page.

In the process I had to do the userprop loading/setting.

So much infrastructure work ... pretty boring.

It'll get exciting soon here, especially as Mart and I slowly lean towards understanding each other more....

I'll try to have the style editor done soon here, so we can easily work with more than one style at a time.

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