Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote in fotobilder,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Status Update

The style editor is starting to work. You can pick your base language and layout now. This is enough to be useful.

Things not implemented:
-- picking themes
-- user layer creation wizard
-- creating new styles (can only edit your default one)

There are now two layouts available, and three languages. (but the three languages do nothing... they're only there because I needed test data.)

S2 error output continues to get better.

whitaker rewrote the security group editor to be cleaner. Kinda my fault ... I didn't give him half the requirements until I saw his first version and then realized it wasn't totally sufficient. But, hey... such is programming. Anyway, his next project is actually making the views respect those settings.

mart mailed me a huge core1.s2 patch, and lots of it I'll merge tomorrow. I'll refrain from including his patches to the gallery thumbnail stuff until I implement that part on the server.

With whitaker and mart's stuff in, the next part is fully setting up the data structures that are passed to the S2 code, and then making some styles. (which we can now actually use!)

Tomorrow should be exciting. Today was kinda slow because I spent most of it moving big chunks of FotoBilder's login system over to LiveJournal, and not actually working on FotoBilder.

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