Martin Atkins (mart) wrote in fotobilder,
Martin Atkins

core1.s2 proposals: Some new text properties

This one's simple enough.

property string text_range_first {
    noui = 1;
property string text_range_prev {
    noui = 1;
property string text_range_next {
    noui = 1;
property string text_range_last {
    noui = 1;
property string text_link_index {
    noui = 1;
property string text_link_gallery {
    noui = 1;
set text_range_first = "First";
set text_range_prev = "Previous";
set text_range_next = "Next";
set text_range_last = "Last";
set text_link_index = "Back to Index";
set text_link_gallery = "Back to Gallery";

A bunch of fun text properties to set the text used in the inter-item skiplinks. These have noui set on because “simple users” get overwhelmed by hundreds of options, and in most cases no layer above i18nc will change these. Layouts will probably only use these properties as ALT text for their imagey links, so users probably won't even notice the text is there.

The reason these are in the core is that almost all layouts will use them, and it makes sense therefore to only translate them once (in i18nc) rather than for each layout which uses them (in i18n).


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