Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote in fotobilder,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Core changes

Status of stuff from Mart:
  • Text properties are in.
  • New ItemRange is in.
  • GalleryPicturePage isn't in... I just merged that into PicturePage... they're so similar, I don't want style authors ignoring one. Instead, gallery & pages are null if there's no gallery. Makes sense, eh?
  • itemrange_skiplinks() got changed to ItemRange::print() ... whenever I see a function like foo_action(foo self, ...), it's just crying to be a method, not a global function.
Overall, Mart... I'm impressed... you're sending small pieces. Most refreshing. Just be sure to include docstrings on everything so I don't have to write them. Includes notes also about what layers should probably override them... layout vs. i18n.

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