Martin Atkins (mart) wrote in fotobilder,
Martin Atkins

Old S2 Bug Report: Printing objects directly

Well, not exactly a bug report and more of a "this sucks, please change."

When you do one of:

  • print "blah "+$somecolor;
  • print "blah $somecolor";

it turns the $somecolor reference into a call to the toString method of the Color class.

However, when you do one of:

  • print $somecolor;
  • print "$somecolor";

it moans that $somecolor isn't a string, rather than converting it.

I'd be nice if print could automatically stringify single parameters too.

I wrote this report back before I was familiar with the workings of the compiler. I could probably fix this myself now with a lot of headache and effort, but Brad will be able to fix it much more efficiently because the compiler is his baby.

It'd be nice to not have to do the ol' type conversion trick anymore. (""+$object)


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