Martin Atkins (mart) wrote in fotobilder,
Martin Atkins

Status Update

Brad's out, so I'll do a status update before I go to bed. Does anyone even read these anymore? ;)

  • The S2 data structures are essentially completely populated now. Some of the builtin functions may still be missing (I'm not sure how far Brad got with that) but we can make layouts now and have them run. The stuff that's still missing is stuff that there's no way to define yet, such as image titles.
  • Paging works for both galleries and pictures within galleries, and the core layer provides a default implementation of the paging links which is simple and will probably be overriden in most layouts.
  • Some compiler stuff was fixed, and Brad's working on array and hash literals, which will work like this:
    var string[] blah = ["element", "element", "element", "element"];
    var string{} bloo = { "key1" => "value1",  "key2" => "value2" };
    The similarity to perl syntax is intentional. Unlike perl, though, all values in these literals must be of the same type, and that type is what decides what the return type of the literal is. In my examples, the return type is a string array because all of the members are strings. Also, unlike perl, the hash syntax does make a distinction between => and a comma, but for people who write sane code that shouldn't matter! ;)
  • The type coersion stuff is being added in other places. One example is that it should soon be possible to assign an object to a string variable and have it coerced into a string using the toString method if it supplies one.
  • Both Brad and I have been working on layouts. Brad's been improving his Apache indexing layout, and it now has a working indexpage aside from a few minor flaws such as the date format being wrong, because the code to handle that will use hash literals!
  • I'm going to be writing default implementations for everything in core.s2 soon, so layout authors won't necessarily need to write everything anymore. (Although in most cases they should, because the output from the core layer is not guaranteed to remain the same forever.)

We need people to make pretty layouts, though. Where did all those designer-types go? ;) I've been working on some, but I'm a programmer rather than a web designer, so my ideas are pretty simplistic and don't really go beyond the “bunch of thumbnails in a grid” idea. If anyone wants to submit some HTML templates showing a layout's overall page style, what the galleries should look like and so on, either Brad or I will make S2 code out of them.

This is one of the more complete layouts I've done, but it's only most complete because it's simple and easy. It's known as “Bread Fits”. More to come later.


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