Martin Atkins (mart) wrote in fotobilder,
Martin Atkins

Requirements for Design Submissions

In order to make a FotoBilder layout from submitted template HTML, we'll need the following:

  • A design for the overall page layout, if applicable. This is the 'template' into which the different views content gets placed. Even if you aren't going to have common template stuff between different views, we'll need this to implement the "Misc" view which will be used to generate things which don't have real S2 views yet.
  • A HTML template for an index page, a gallery page and a picture page, as well as information about what should happen when there are too many pictures to display on a single page (usually some kind of navigation links) and when viewing a single picture out of a gallery and there are several pictures in that gallery (again, probably the same kind of navigation links in most cases)</p>
  • Information on how many pictures should be the default maximum number shown on a single gallery page, what other options you would like to include (and obviously details about their implementation) and details of how you'd like the colours to be customisable.
  • Some kind of design and/or description of how you'd like gallery and picture management links included in the page if the viewer is the owner of the gallery. When a user is viewing their own gallery or picture, there should be a link somewhere to edit that gallery or picture, but that link does not show up if another person is viewing the gallery or picture, so we need to know what needs to be left out in the case where this link is not displayed.
  • In similar vein to the management links, there should also be a 'log in' link somewhere which is displayed when users are not logged in. This link can be turned off on a site, user and gallery-specific basis and doesn't show up when the user has already logged in, so we need to know what to leave out in the case that the link is not displayed.

If you don't include all of this stuff, either Brad or I will have to put it in ourselves, and the result will probably interfere with your design sensibilities. I also reserve the right to clean up people's yucky HTML, so feel free to submit nested table monstrosities but be prepared for me to make your HTML code clean and tidy! ;)

With all that said, have fun!


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