Martin Atkins (mart) wrote in fotobilder,
Martin Atkins

New Layout

Brad's committed my new “Stranded” layout to CVS. You can see a preview of it featuring some pretty pictures.

Try not to let the mammaries distract you from the use of the zoomed thumbnail mode which allows the thumbnails to all be one hundred pixels square, the use of $*gallery_page_min_size to ensure there will always be enough pictures to surround the viewer box, and the floaty semitransparent overlay boxes. (except in IE, where they are off-white and solid.)

Unfortunately, Brad uploaded pictures which are portrait and at an annoying aspect ratio, so there are white gaps around the full pictures. You are welcome to try it yourself on (if you have an account) using a gallery with more conventionally-shaped photos. You might also want to try out the new ability for images to have titles, which my layout supports. (Not description yet, but that's coming a few revisions down the line.)

It currently doesn't seem to like to stay together in Opera once there's a full row of pictures at the top. I've not yet worked out why. If someone wants to give me a useful hint on how to fix that (“Opera sucks” is not a useful hint, even if isn't as good as IE at rendering display-oriented table hacks) I'll go ahead and fix it, because I'd like it to work in Opera but I've not written display-oriented HTML in years so I'm a bit out-of-date on how to hack it to work in different browsers.

I'm aware that it is wide. It doesn't really fit on anything less than a maximized browser at 1024x768. This may change later if the FotoBilder image sizing becomes more flexible, but right now the next size down from what I'm using is 320x240, which is a bit small.

It'll also eventually be customizable. Right now it only has one option and that option is broken, but eventually you will be able to configure all of the colours and possibly choose the size of the display box. (S2 doesn't currently allow me to do that due to how the number of thumbnails per page is set.)

Update: Looks like I managed to somehow send Brad an old version. I've no idea how, because I wasn't making backups, but something weird happened. Anyway, this means that the layout has some bugs and missing features which are working in my local copy, and I'll pass that to Brad tomorrow sometime.


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