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Compile error...

Editing a layer, and clicking [Save Settings] gives...

Error saving layer:
Compile error: line 2, column 1: Property value is of wrong type.  Expecting Color but got string.
  S2::NodeSet, /home/fb/src/s2/S2/, 71
  S2::Checker, /home/fb/src/s2/S2/, 339
  S2::Compiler, /home/fb/src/s2/S2/, 34
  FB, /home/fb/lib/, 412
  FB, /home/fb/lib/, 411
  FB, /home/fb/lib/, 374
  BMLCodeBlock::280c8d5303e517377ef336f5531933f9, (eval 185), 85
  Apache::BML, /home/fb/lib/Apache/, 609
  Apache::BML, /home/fb/lib/Apache/, 609
  Apache::BML, /home/fb/lib/Apache/, 871
  Apache::BML, /home/fb/lib/Apache/, 268
  main, /dev/null, 0
  main, /dev/null, 0
I am up to date on the CVS tree.

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