James (aigulamgine) wrote in fotobilder,

Um... could someone spare a few minutes to help me?

Regarding Fotobilder:

Hi. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this or not…I'm working on a project for my boyfriend's mom, a Christmas gift involving scans of all her family photos hosted online in a user-friendly environment and only accessible to chosen (I'd REALLY like a login system like Livejournal's).

It would need to be easy to upload more pictures and possible to insert captions beside certain ones.

I've been puzzling over this for weeks and the only thing I could find at first would either to be create the pages myself (I only know basic HTML) or to use something like the Slideshow powertoy for Windows XP (Not what I want at all) and coding it myself (which is next to impossible right now).

I remembered fotobilder though and I'm curious to know if I could use it like the LJ code has been used millions of times, to make a mini site.

Is this possible and if so how can I go about it? I know next to nothing about the coding etc so… yeah… I can learn though.

Last – assuming I can do the above, do I have to have a physical server or would a hosting plan suffice? (And can the entire thing be run offline from a CD?).

I kinda feel left out when it comes to this level of coding, since it's something I'd like to learn… but yeah.

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