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the best of intentions...

Problems with image posting by email


I've looked in the FAQ and didn't see anything that addressed this issue.

I'm using a Nokia 6600 from T-Mobile and can sucessfully post an email post but when I use the LJ Email headers:

I leave lj-gallery as the faq notes say: You can specify what photo gallery you want your attachments uploaded into using the lj-gallery header. If unspecified, the default gallery is 'LJ_emailpost'. If you decide to move your images into different galleries in the future, the images posted in your journal will still work correctly.

But when I email a post with an image all the post will show is the tag headers.

My phone is also a symbian phone too.

Also, The previous comment about sending it as a 'slide' If I do that I can't add the lj email tag settings. I'm thinking if you make a post by email with a picture your leaving the tags in.

Thanks for all your help in advance.

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