Pavel Titov (titov_en) wrote in fotobilder,
Pavel Titov

Default doc/
    # default capability class mask for new users: 
    # (16 bit unsigned int ... each bit is capability class flag)
    $NEWUSER_CAPS = 0;

But create_user checks another variable:
    $ref->{'caps'}      ||= $FB::DEFAULT_CAPS+0;

Is at a typo in or I am doing something wrong?

And another question, how to hook up my own auth module? I see a
sub new_domain_plugin
    my ($dmid, $class, $args) = @_;
    return undef unless $class =~ /^\w+$/;
    my $rv = eval "use FotoBilder::Auth::$class;";
    if ($@) {
        print STDERR "Error loading auth module '$class': $@\n";
        return undef;
    my $mod = "FotoBilder::Auth::$class";
    return $mod->new($dmid, $args);
in but don't have a clue how to pass $class variable here.

Update: I'm really dumb.

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