Kemayo (kemayo) wrote in fotobilder,

I give you PixUp.

This is a very, very simple script, based on for Flickr. I wrote it mostly as Python practice.

You need Python to run it. It watches a directory, and uploads any images you add to it. It keeps a log of what images it has uploaded already, and won't reupload them.

To configure your username and password, and things like which galleries you'd like it to add images to, open and edit the appropriate lines near the top.

It's currently very much version 0.1, and could stand to have a few changes made -- keeping a log of md5 checksums instead of filenames might be a good idea, for instance.

(Included in the download is a Python library I wrote for FotoBilder access called It's also somewhat unpolished, mainly in the area of documentation.)

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